Bike Setups, or ‘Bike Fit’ , are performed by our physiotherapists to optimise you biomechanics. This is achieved by measuring certain anatomical variants on an individual’s body, taking into account any past or previous injuries and screening the individual for potential risks of injury. We then assess you on your bike on our wind trainer and look at joint angles and muscle performance, and compare this to optimal angles for performance and to reduce injury risks. Hence, a physiotherapist with knowledge of injury rehabilitation and biomechanics is best placed to provide a bike setup solution.

The overall setup is also based on the individuals cycling preference – road cycling, mountain bike, hybrid or casual?

It is a lengthy process to perform the whole assessment, so please allow 1.5 hours. At the conclusion of the session a report will be produced outlining changes to the setup made, changes to setup required over time and any exercises or drills prescribed to improve performance and reduce injury risk.

Whilst the assessment itself is relatively complicated, the end equation is simple:

Optimal biomechanics on a bike = less injuries, more enjoyment and more time cycling!

Bike setups are available in Olinda by selected physiotherapists at Dandenong Ranges Physio.

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