Clinical Pilates update

Clinical Pilates is a safe, effective form of exercise for any age, fitness level or medical condition. Clinical Pilates utilizes a wide variety of exercises designed to improve core stability, flexibility, endurance and posture.

Liam Gellie has recently completed an updated Clinical Pilates course with an interesting new focus. A main focus of this course was breathing control in relation to performing exercises, a concept that is often missed despite its importance in producing highest quality movements. A key emphasis was also placed on training lumbo-pelvic stability through the course. Lumbo-pelvic stability is the ability to maintain good control in the lumbar spine and pelvis throughout movement. Poor lumbo-pelvic stability is a feature commonly seen in patients with lower limb injuries and low back pain.

Jen Vardy is an experienced physiotherapist with the highest possible training in Clinical Pilates, and post-graduate training in Women’s Health. Jen splits her time between Olinda and another clinic in Croydon, and sees a variety of general sprains/sprains, Women’s Health, sports injuries and Clinical Pilates.

Tim Hardiman also runs Clinical Pilates classes at Dandenong Ranges Physio. Tim comes from a background in sports physiotherapy, injury rehabilitation  and pain management.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us here at Dandenong Ranges Physiotherapy to see how Clinical Pilates will be able to benefit you, no matter what your goal.

We have small classes every day including Saturday mornings and after hours during the week, and experienced physiotherapists to guide you in individually tailored programs.

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