Cycling biomechanical evaluation and setup by physiotherapist, Olinda and Monbulk

Clare McKechnie combines expert knowledge of anatomy and injury rehab as a physio with her cycling skills and experience. Every cyclist can benefit from a good setup, young or old, and no matter the ability. In fact, the less the ability, the more reason you should get a professional set up done – at least that way you’ll look and feel great as you’re struggling up Mountain Highway!

A full bike set up involves:

1. Complete injury history

2. Complete physical assessment with respect to strength and flexibililty required for cycling

3. Evaluation, measurement and correction of:

a. Seat height
b. Crank size
c. Seat Fore-Aft Position
d. Seat Inclination
e. Reach
f. Cleats
g. Shoes

4. Full lower limb analysis, with discounted Gaitscan available if required

4. Recommendations for exercise or therapy

5. Recommendations and plan for further adjustments, including liaising with local bike mechanics and shops to fit parts if required

Call Clare at 9751 0400 to arrange your set up today.

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