Welcome to our Instructional Videos page. We are pleased to be able to offer you a few inside tips to improve your health.

Tapings: These tapings all work by improving the sensation of the localized muscles and joints, and can enable them to perform more ‘normally’ when injured or stressed. Except for the ankle taping, they are not restrictive tapings as such. This is important to point out, as the taping is really an adjunct to hands-on treatment and a guided home stretching and strengthening program.

Disclaimer: All of these tapings should only be used under the guidance of our physiotherapists, as they can all affect the problem negatively if used in the wrong context or performed incorrectly. We have years of experience in taping methods, and perform it on a daily basis, so don’t panic if you don’t get it right the first time. And tapes can irritate skin easily – even if you don’t think you are allergic, use a hypoallergenic underwrap, swab or spray-on solution anyway.

Click on the headings below for further information and video demonstrations…

Foot Taping No. 1 – Modified Low Dye

Foot Taping No. 2 – Traditional Low Dye

Ankle Sprain Taping

Knee Pain Taping – McConnell taping for PFJ

Lower Back Pain Taping

Shoulder Pain Taping – Shoulder Retraction

Exercises : Shoulder Strengthening Exercises