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Dry Needling in Olinda and Dandenong Ranges

Dy Needling is a western form of acupuncture using anatomical points rather than Chinese meridians. Needles are generally inserted into points in muscles characterised by palpable tension called myofascial trigger points. With trigger point needling, the needle stimulates the trigger point to fatigue, with a quick tightening of the muscle often felt. This fatigues the trigger point, causing some post-treatment muscle soreness in most people – not unlike post-exercise soreness. Generally this soreness resolves by the next day, though can linger for 48 hours in some, and is followed by a deep relaxation of the muscle. The effect initially may last only a few days for chronic tightness, and most trigger points take between three
and six sessions to gain long-lasting benefit.

Dry needling can also be used on ligaments, joints and along superficial nerve pathways to aid in restoration of movement, improvement in circulation and relief of pain.

Our physiotherapists and myotherapists are all trained in dry needling, and use it extensively along with hands-on treatment.
We find it the most effective treatment for muscle spasm and tightness, sports muscle soreness, myofascial pain syndromes, stiff ankles and shoulders, headaches, sciatica and hard to treat conditions like plantar fasciitis and TMJ dysfunction.