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Dandenong Ranges Physio offer Physiotherapy services from our clinics in Olinda and Mount Evelyn to the surrounding communities including Boronia, Lilydale and Upper Ferntree Gully.

Our physiotherapists have extensive training in diagnosing and treating musculoskeletal injuries and pain. Some of the conditions we treat on a daily basis include low back pain, disc injuries, neck pain, headaches, foot pain, shoulder instability and knee pain.

We adhere to an evidence-based approach, incorporating ‘hands-on’ manual therapy, exercise rehabilitation and modern approaches such as dry needling and core stability programs into our in-rooms treatment sessions.

Manual Therapy

Traditional physiotherapy techniques are still what most of our clients cry out for and refer their friends and colleagues to us for. Spinal and peripheral joint mobilisation and manipulation, deep tissue release, soft tissue massage, trigger point release etc. All our physios are well trained in each of these methods to relieve, manage and prevent pain, stiffness and injury. From headaches to foot pain, we’ve got the manual skills and the expereince to help.

Clinical Pilates

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Foot Orthotics

Physiotherapist LilydaleAll of our physiotherapists are able to prescribe custom orthotics, as well as off-the-shelf orthotics, for your feet.

Custom orthotics deliver the best way to manage problem feet. Whether they are painful or not, the feet are often a “trigger” for other issues further up the body. Your physiotherapist may recommend orthotics to help with a number of conditions, from lower back pain to knee pain to foot pain itself.

Every patient with lower back pain or a lower limb injury undergoes a full biomechanical analysis using the world-class TOG GaitScan. This technology utilizes a research-based pressure plate to objectively measure the movement in your feet as you walk. From this we are able to develop a custom made orthotics built just for you. New research shows that these orthotics are at least as effective, and probably more so, compared with traditional plaster cast methods to prescribe custom orthotics. And the reason? Compliance. Put simply, they’re more comfortable more often, so people actually wear them.

The custom orthotics are extremely cost effective as they are guaranteed for life from cracking or mis-shaping. And custom orthotics can be prescribed to fit into almost any shoe – including high heels, runners, dress shoes, work boots, children’s shoes, football boots, ski boots and street/skate shoes.

For those who require a more temporary solution, or would like to see how they go with a less expensive option first, our physiotherapists are also able to recommend and prescribe off-the-shelf orthotics. Though they can be much cheaper, off-the-shelf orthotics can be just as useful in negating problem feet. However, the materials used in construciton of these orthotics commonly degrade within 3-6 months. We have a large range of in-shop and supplier orthotics available for all foot types and needs.

Exercise Programs

We prescribe exercises in almost all of our treatment sessions. To rehabilitate and strengthen, or to stretch and relieve. Our physios know which exercises to give for each condition, so that you can look after yourself as best as you are able to.

Remedial Massage

Remedial masseurs undergo the training necessary to go beyond relaxation massage. Book in for a half or full hour indulgence with our remedial massage therapists. Vouchers are available on request.


While we strongly prefer a hands-on and exercise based approach, there are some electrotherapy modules that are very effective for some conditions. Therapeutic Ultrasound treatment can aid and assist in the recovery of injured soft tissue by stimulating circulation and helping to realign and strengthen collagen fibres, the building blocks of the scar tissue that heals any soft tissue injury. Ligament injuries such as ankle sprains and knee sprains, as well as rotator cuff injuries and plantar fasciitis, all respond well to ultrasound.

TENS can be effective pain relief by stimulating the release of endorphins, the body’s natural pain killers. This can be extremely useful in acute and nerve pain syndromes.

Pre-Employment Screenings

Our physical screenings can help employers assess a potential worker’s suitability for a manual position. Assessments can be done in-rooms or on-site for multiple screenings, and involve testing of all major muscle groups and joint regions in the body. We can inform you of any existing or potential physical problems so that you can make an informed decision.